Antonio Marras was born in Alghero on January 21, 1961. The first steps in the world of fashion he made in 1987. He never finished a special school but he always had an unalloyed anxiety to express himself and a bit of luck. He had grown amidst fabrics and cloths in his father’s shop in Rome. Antonio had always felt passion towards versatile cloths and textures, it was it which led him to creation of ready-made clothes collections.

The first collection Piano Piano Dolce Carlotta was tailored in 1988. Being a passionate movie-addict Antonio borrows the name for his collection from the famous horror films of the 60-s by Robert Aldrich.

He made his debut in the world of haute couture in July 1996. This was the first among a whirl of the journeys taken by the designer deep into the world of traditions. Each journey became a truly personal interpretation of the past centuries’ imagery – emigrant women from Argentina, women in coal mines, women of the Middle Age. All his collections transfer deeply-rooted message, experiments with style are mingled with play on symbols. Contrasting is very important: scorch marks on ultrafine tissues, combination of fringy gauze and expensive embroidery, with seams inside out and precious brocade.


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