Converse is an American shoe company known for their iconic "Chuck Taylor All-Star" shoe brand.

History Edit

1908 Edit

When the shoes were first introduced to the public in 1908, they were meant to be high top sneakers, and were the best of their time. They were manufactured for men and women.Starting then and to now, they have made custom sizes for Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Dwayne Wade.

1915 Edit

During 1915, approximately 4,000 pairs of Converse sneakers were sold daily.

1920s Edit

During the 1920s, approximately 20,000 pairs of Converse sneakers were sold daily.

1930s Edit

During the 1930s, Chuck Taylor wrote his signature on the Converse logo.

1940s Edit

During World War II in the 1940s, Converse manufactured boots for Army pilots and sneakers for Army soldiers.

1955 Edit

During 1955, classic rock star Elvis Presley wore Converse sneakers.

1960 Edit

During 1960, Converse began to manufacture wrestling shoes.

1962 Edit

During 1962, Converse began to manufacture low-cut sneakers.

1975 Edit

During 1975, Converse began to manufacture ski boots.

1986 Edit

During 1986, Converse began to manufacture Weapon basketball shoes.

1999 Edit

During 1999, Converse began to manufacture He:01s.

2003 Edit

During 2003, Converse began to manufacture high heels and became a division of Nike.

2012 Edit

During 2012, at least 60% of all American citizens have owned a pair of Converse shoes in their lifetime.

Fun Facts Edit

  • The most expensive Converse sneakers for women were Chuck Taylor X Missonis and costed $200.
  • The most expensive Converse sneakers for men were Pro Leathers and costed $170.
  • The most expensive Converse sneakers available for purchase online are Limited Edition Micheal Jordan X Converse, are in EBay, and cost $10,000.
  • The most popular Converse product are Chuck Taylor All Stars.

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