Every season, we have a different major color in the fashion circle. Fashion designers came up with great ideas, acting as the leader of the new fashion trend.

When a garment designer decides red is perfect for his latest work, he would like to tell the printers what color he wants to dye his latest design. In order to deliver a accurate message about the color, he would need color cards or a color code. in this way, the plant wont misunderstand him or use a color that is not what the design wants.

20140529 hk homeslider radiantorchid eng

Color of the year 2014

There are numerous colors in the world, but they can be created by mixing these three basic colors: Red, Green and Yellow!  In 2014, Pantone Color of the Year is Radiant Orchids. With Pantone Color Chips , you can create whatever colors you like and accurately make the colors become your the colors of your clothes, your designs, your furnitures and so on.

Now, it is time for Fashion Trends of 2014 Winter and even 2015 Spring. Find your colors!

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