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Houndstooth accessories.

Houndstooth (also called Pied De Poule or pied-de-poule) is a very common pattern in the fashion world. It is generally black and white and the size of the motive can vary. The French name Pied De Poule means "chicken foot" and refers to the shape of the black and white motive which forms the pattern.

Originally it was obtained trough the contrast of two different threads (expecially black and white), but nowadays it is very common to find blazers, as well as many accessories, which are decorated by printed houndstooth, even in different colors.

The invention of this pattern dates back to the fifties, when it was considered very classy. It was typical of blazers and suits, but nowadays many important designers such as Gucci, Ferragamo, Trussardi and Albino re-invented it, using this pattern for optical dresses, pumps, cluthces and many other accessories, which seem to be very welcome to celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Bianca Balti, Kim Kardashian and Ashley Greene.

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