Zagreb, Croatia is an unexpected fashion destination- but don't be fooled. This city is filled with fashionistas, who are reputed to value good quality, designer clothing. The Croatian (and European mindset) is to buy fewer things of higher quality, as opposed to the American way of buying dozens of cheap items.

In the Fall, Croatia is cooler. Check out our Fall essentials for your next visit to Croatia.


1. Distressed Boyfriend Jeans
The distressed jean is back. What was once the "it" look in the 90s and early 2000s is back in style-especially in Croatia! This woman in Zagreb masters the casual chic look on her bike. We're also loving those stripes!

2. Chain Accents
The chain handle purse has been very popular over the last year- but the newest trend is the chain accent. This means that a purse is lined with chains. The chain accent is a subtle but fashionable twist on a plain black tote or clutch.

3. Black Fur Coat
Fur collars and fur accents have been popular this last year, but the Croatians are bold and are going all out. Black fur coats have been spotted all over Zagreb. They look great with dresses or with jeans!

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