Here are  my thoughts on next season's trends.

  1. The '90's is making a come back and I am dreading it. It was a bad time, guys. Please let the '90s stay in the '90s
  2. The Button up. I love these so much. I have a lot of them already. Of course this does not mean PJ button ups which are also becoming a "thing". Let's stop this before it starts.
  3. Pastels. YAY! I love pastels. It compliments almost all skin types and is great way to add color.
  4. Wide leg pants. Some people might pull it off but I am petite soooo unless I want to look like I am playing dress up I am not going to wear this trend.
  5. Shift blouses. Raise you hand if you want to look like a fat square. No one? That's what I thought. 
  6. Clothes with words. I like this. Right now my hat says "Dirty Pig" This is a fun trend I hope it lasts.
  7. Tea-length skirts. Okay, I like how these look, BUT where am I supposed to wear this. No one is going to be walkng the halls of high school like this.
  8. White blouses. Yes, this is cute, but it's scary. White is so easy to ruin. When I want to look awesome and I know I won't be eating messy foods, I will wear white.

So there are my thoughts on next springs trends.

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